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Sunday, April 4, 2010

First Peek of Spring

I've been through a tough time last week. My uncle passed away and it gave my mom so much heartache that it pains me so much to hear her crying and sobbing over the phone. As if it's not enough to dampen my spirit, Jeff came home one afternoon so upset and troubled about something his co-worker said about me. It was meant as a joke but if you ask me, it was a stupid and disrespectful remark towards somebody you have not even seen in person. It shouldn't have bothered me since the opinion came from an unrespectable asshole himself with obviously no respect on women, but unfortunately when Jeff told me about it, I was hurt too. It felt unfair to be judged by someone you have not even met personally. Jeff works with jerks and as much as possible he tries to tolerate most things that goes around at work so he'd get along fine with the group as long as it doesn't have anything to do with his personal life. Things will have to change on how he deals with his co-workers starting tomorrow. He does not want to distance himself with the other guys at work but after what happened last Thursday, he feels that he has to set a wall once again in order to protect me and our relationship against racial discrimination and unfair judgments from idiots who think lowly of foreigners.

Because of the drama that's been going on with my life, I thought about canceling an out-of-town trip that has been decided few weeks ago. But Jeff feels that taking this trip to get out of the house will somehow help us not dwell on the bad things too much and will give us fresh perspective on things. I'm glad we pushed through with the trip. It rejuvenates me to see the undeniable beauty of spring around us. We were invited to go to a family gathering to celebrate April Genevieve's 1st birthday. On Good Friday, we thought of stopping by Pinnacle Mountain to do some reflecting, soul-searching, nature exploration and picture-taking. The weather was fantastic. We sure had a great time. I felt better. I thank God for the beauty of nature and for a wonderful husband. I decided to leave the bad things behind and move on to greater things in life. For life is indeed beautiful!

The birthday celebrant with her Mom

Brad and April

April Genevieve Lord turns 1


  1. well, things would really GET TO YOU if you will allow them do. however, this is something you have to get through together, meaning with him BY YOUR SIDE. i really hope every thing will turn out well. Happy Easter!

  2. that's quite rude of your husband's co-worker. indeed, they don't have a right to judge you or anyone. if that was meant to be a joke, that person should have apologized. anyway, I have to say you looked beautiful again in those pictures (nice view!). the cake looked yummmmmyy

  3. as americans we are all foreigners except the native americans. Dont worry about what others say or think negatively. You are happy in your life and maybe they are not and need to demean others so they can feel better about themselves or their life.
    you look so pretty in your photos and it looks like you had another wonderful time :)

  4. Don't let the remarks of that butthole get to you or your hubby, Jenn. Because we're minorities, we're always going to be looked at differently from "white folks," or people who think they own the U.S. and the rights of the nation. Keep your head up high, don't let that man's words get to you, and prove that you're a much better person than him by not sinking down to his ignorant level.

    Vikki's right too: The U.S. was built on the Native American's land, and look how they're treated now. A lot of Americans tend to overlook the fact that their ancestors migrated to the U.S. from other foreign countries too.

    As for the pictures, they're beautiful. Oh, how I wish you lived so much closer, because I'd love have you in a photo shoot. You're so photogenic! ;) Glad you guys went out and had fun at the birthday party too.

  5. pastilan jenn no? life has its ups and downs jud, unya kung ang down part maoy atong ipa-reaign, na... ang heart ug ang wrinkles nato, saon nalang! thank God for wonderful husbands indeed! i've had my share of those aches as well lately, mao nga na-hypertension na ko. maynalang naa permi si bana magpa-cute cute naku, ma-lessen ra pud ang stress. di jud lalim!

    i love your captures by the way! i like that place, very serene and calm. unya gwapa pa jud ang subject! ;-)

  6. agoy pagka cute sa bday celebrant....:)

    gosh, some pipol are born to be idiots....gosh! never pasad nuon ko naka encounter ug racial discrimination...I thought it is against the law here in the US to discriminate somebody....agoy lami kau kasohan dayon...ehehhe!

    thanks for sharing the photos....correct! it is not good to dwell on things like this...lalo na sa mga tao nga way pulos.....

  7. Jenn, sos ibog lang tong c-worker sa imong bana kay kita man na cia na Happy kanunay c Jeff for having you mao walay masulti maau ang asshole na idiot pa..karma to cia kay iyang wife fangit ug baho ug b-song..basta padayon lang sa imong pagka smart and kagwapa my pren.
    Wala pa pud ko ka encounter ana nga personal comment pero sos harap harapan ko gisultian na gikan daw kuno ko sa "crazy country"..sobra pa sa bad comment jud...da bahala na gikan ko pinas basta kay malipayon. katong bitch nga nag comment dili man to happy and worst crazy na tinoud yang mga boys..da.

  8. Hay naku wag mo na masyado intindihan ang mga taong ganyan at baka magka wrinkles ka lang. Anyway, April Genevieve is such a cutie!!

  9. just don't mind them... you're right, life is so beautiful to be affected by those kinds of people...